MSc-projects (see Section Homepage for pdf's)

total 279 MSc theses untill 2012, this needs an updat, sorry for the inconvenience averaged over total time 1995-2012 is 279 over 17 years is 16+/year, I am proud of the students
2012-oct Jeroen Stark The influence of dredging activities on the morphological development of the Colombia River Mouth
2012-oct Corinne Pepping Feasibility study of an artificial sandy beach at Gatumi, Georgia
2012-oct Joost den Bieman Simulating barrier island evolution
2012-oct Theo van Walsem The morphological impact of the deepening of the deep foreshore on the Dutch coast
2012-sep Robbert de Bruijn The future of the Oosterschelde with a new inlet channel
2012-sep Robert Hasselaar Development of a generic automated instrument for the calibration of morphodynamic Delft3D model applications
2012-sep Bart van Rijn Influence of wave climate schematisation on the simulated morphological development of the Western Scheldt entrance
2012-jun Mathew Armstrong Sediment dynamics of beach cells under oblique swell waves
2012-jun Edwin Bergsma Process-based modelling of the Maumusson inlet
2012-jun Amaury Camarena Calderon Feasibility of a marina port along the Buenos Aires coast, Argentina
2012-jun Lies de Graaf Nourishing intertidal foreshore; Improving safety and nature
2012-jun Dirk Knipping Impact assessment of extreme storm events using a Bayesian network
2012-jun Pim de Pater Effect of removal of the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier
2012-jun Timo Pekkeriet Morphodynamics of mega-nourishment: Integrated model approach for the design and management of mega-nourishment
2012-jun Linh Phan Khanh The Mekong Deltaic Coast: Past, present and future morphology
2012-jun Roberto Sasso Steele Video-based near shore bathymetry estimation for rip current forecasting on a macrotidal beach
2012-jun Freek Scheel Simulating and classifying large-scale spatial sand-mud segregation using a process-based model for a tidal inlet system
2012-jun Roeland de Zeeuw Nearshore currents and swimmer safety in the Netherlands
2012-feb Karen van Bentum The Lagos coast: Investigation of the long-term impact of the Eko Atlantic City project
2012-feb Brice Blossier The reset of a subtidal bar during an energetic event: Application to Le Truc Vert beach case (France)
2012-feb Antoon Hendriks Impact of re-surfacing groins on hydrodynamics and sediment transport
2012-feb Michiel Riesenkamp Probabilistic Modelling of extreme beach erosion using XBeach
2012-feb Esther Simoons Edge scour around an offshore wind turbine
2012-feb Arnold Vlijm Process-based modelling of morphological response to submerged breakwaters
2012-feb Bram de Vries Dune erosion near sea walls
2012-feb Gundula Winter Rip Current Characteristics at the Dutch Coast
2011-oct Vincent Ballendux On the morphodynamics of Lagos Harbour, Nigeria
2011-oct Remon Kik The notional permeability of breakwaters
2011-oct Martijn Monden Modelling the interaction between morphodynamics and vegetation in the Nisqually River Estuary
2011-oct Martijn Muller Process-based modeling of coastal dune development
2011-oct Remon Pot TSystem description of the North-Holland coast: a review of the nourishment strategy
2011-oct Kees Pruis Modelling decadal barrier island behavior
2011-oct Olga Sturm Prefeasibility study on a barrier downstream of Ho Chi Minh City
2011-oct Bram van Prooijen Modelling Sediment Transport in the Swash Zone
2011-oct Julia Vroom Tidal divides: A simplified case and the Dutch Wadden Sea
2011-oct Marit Zethof Risk-based control of external salt water intrusion for the Rhine-Meuse Estuary
2011-jun Eelco Bijl The cause of coastal erosion on a nourished beach in Kololi, The Gambia
2011-jun Robert Drieman Feasibility study on the use of a floating breakwater to protect a new artificial beach in Balchik, Bulgaria
2011-jun Marli Geldenhuys Coastal adaptation to climate change: a case study in Durban, South Africa
2011-jun Cezar Guzman Impact of access channel geometry on wave penetration in harbours
2011-jun Kevin Hanegan Modelling the evolution of the Wax Lake Delta in Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana
2011-jun Adam Keen Erosive bar migration using density and diameter scaled sediment
2011-jun Edmund Lee Vluchthaven Wijdenes, verzandingsprobleem in de vluchthaven (Safe heaven Wijdenes, a sedimentation problem)r
2011-jun Marco de Lange Morphodynamic Analysis Ecobeach Project
2011-jun Fernanda Minikowski Morphodynamics of the Ameland Bornrif: An analogue for the Sand Engine
2011-jun Andrew Pomeroy Resonance of low frequency waves on fringing reefs
2011-jun Maarten Ruijs A study on the effects of the “Ike Dike” storm surge barrier on Galveston Bay
2011-jun Bruno Vicente Climate change impacts on mixing and circulation at Songkhla Lagoon, Thailand
2011-jun Anestis Voukouvalas Coastal response during the 1953 and 1976 storm surges in the Netherlands. Field data validation of the XBeach model
2011-feb Emiel Moerman Long-term morphological modelling of the Mouth of the Columbia River
2011-feb Remon van der Hoeven Morphological Impact of Coastal Structures
2011-feb Pieter van der Linde Currents driven by alongshore setup gradients caused by irregular wave fields
2010-oct Marion Coquet Aeolian transport on the beach based on field measurements
2010-oct Sanne van den Heuvel Reducing salinity in the marshes of St. Bernard Paris, New Orleans
2010-oct Roderick Hoekstra Pilot sand groins Delfland coast
2010-oct Daan Jumelet The influence of core permeability on armour layer stability
2010-oct Suzanne Kuiper The effect of vegetation on barrier island overwash
2010-oct Astrid Labrujere Carbon footprint in coastal protection
2010-oct Anestis Lioutas Exerimental research on spatial distribution of overtopping
2010-oct Patrick Mulders Breakwaters under construction exposed to oblique waves
2010-oct Arthur Zoon Interface stability in cobble beaches
2010-jun Claudia Franca de Abreu The response of a non-equilibrium profile to a storm event
2010-jun Ingrid Das Morphodynamic modelling of the Galgeplaat
2010-jun Reindert de Jong Managing extreme water levels in Lake IJssel
2010-jun Baiq Dian Zoelaeha Fine sediment transport behaviour and turbidity near coral reef islands
2010-jun Trinh Dieu Huong Morphological modelling of Lai Giang Inlet, Vietnam
2010-jun Bart Mous Erosion of grassed outer slopes by wave attack
2010-jun Bui Ngoc Quyen Morphological charateritics of the Eastern Scheldt Ebb Tidal Delta
2010-jun Muhammad Pandu Sumadero Berm breakwater roundheads exposed to oblique waves
2010-jun Serene Tay Hui Xin Typhoon-induced storm surges near Singapore
2010-jun Carina Wierda Salt based design in a hyper saline environment
2010-feb Bas Hoonhout Dune erosion along curved coastlines
2010-feb Wouter Knaack Morphological developments in the navigation channel to Schiermonnikoog
2010-feb Jelle Jan Pieterse Influence of an Ecobeach PEM on beach development
2010-feb Dennis van Kester The spatial distribution of wave overtopping discharge behind the crest
2009-jun Robin van Buchem Stability of a single top layer of cubes
2009-oct Myron van Damme How biofilms influence morphology
2009-oct Thijs Damsma Dune growth on natural and nourished beaches
2009-oct Reindert Ebbens Toe structures of rubble mound breakwaters
2009-oct Arab Eslami A numerical study on the design of normal and T-head groins
2009-oct Jeroen Lakeman Using Texel Inlet as a sediment transport belt
2009-oct Arend Pool Modelling the 1775 storm surge at the coast near Heemskerk
2009-oct Nicolas Zimmerman Stability of morphological cells to dredging-dumping activities
2009-oct Bart van Zwicht Effect of concrete density on the stability of Xbloc® armour units
2009-jun Margaret Boshek Reflection and diffraction around breakwaters
2009-jun Chris Daly Low frequency waves in the shoaling and nearshore zone
2009-jun Andy Egon Hydrodynamics of lagoons fringed by a coral reef
2009-jun Marten Hillen Wave reworking of a delta
2009-jun Lars Hoogduin Sediment transport through the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier
2009-jun Jeroen Kooistra Modelling the giant sand waves of San Francisco Bay
2009-jun Sidd Narayan Attenuation of cyclone-induced waves in mangroves
2009-jun Steven te Slaa Coastal processes near sea dikes in Hai Hau district, Vietnam
2009-jun Roald Treffers Wave-driven alongshore currents in the surf zone
2009-jun Astrid Valk Wave overtopping: impact of water jets on grassed inner slope transitions
2009-jun Bas van Son Monitoring and modelling nearshore morphodynamic behaviour on storm time scales
2009-feb John Brocatus Sediment budget analysis of the Santa Barbara littoral cell
2009-feb Niels Eernink One-line coastal modelling
2009-feb Carola van der Hout Morphological impact of a deep-water reef
2009-feb Jeroen Langedijk Beach nourishment to mitigate the impact of sea level rise in SE Australia
2009-feb Elmar Molendijk Breaker bar movement and volume fluctuations along the Holland coast
2009-feb Claire van Oeveren The long-term fine sediment balance of Dutch Wadden Sea basins
2009-feb Frank Verduin Sediment transport in the Westerschelde delta
2008-oct Stefan Baart Toe structures for rubble mound breakwaters
2008-oct Johan Henrotte Implementation, validation and evaluation of a quasi-3D model in Delft-3D
2008-oct Robert McCall The longshore dimension in dune overwash modelling
2008-oct Jorg Oosthoek The stability of synthetic gabions in waves
2008-oct Thomas Vijverberg Mud dynamics in the Markermeer
2008-oct Renske de Winter Exploratory research into the maintenance of the Slijkgat
2008-oct Sander Zweers A study of the erosion problem along Rosslare Strand
2008-jun Oscar Dijkstra Armour layer stability on a bermed slope breakwater
2008-jun Anton de Fockert Impact of relative sea level rise on the Amelander zeegat
2008-jun Klaartje Hoyng Erosive and accretive coastal profile response
2008-jun Maaike Poort Laboratory study of a rip current in the presence of a submerged reef
2008-jun Petur Sveinbjornson Stability of Icelandic type berm breakwaters
2008-feb Sylvia Honistroza Reinforced grass on inner dike slopes
2008-feb Noud Schoenmakers Predicting effects of environmental change in Puget Sound
2007-nov Paula van Baaren Influence of the wave period in the dune erosion model DUROSTA
2007-nov Bert van den Berg Scour hole development Maasvlakte 1 & 2
2007-nov Gijs Bosman Velocity and flow depth variations during wave overtopping
2007-nov Maria Bougdanou Analysis of the shoreface nourishments at Ter Heijde, Katwijk and Noordwijk
2007-nov Pieter van Geer Long-term morphological evolution of the Western Dutch Wadden Sea
2007-nov Dehua Gu Hydraulic properties of PUR-revetments compared to those of open stone asphalt revetments
2007-nov Inge Kateman Wave-impact driven dune face erosion processes
2007-nov Richard de Rover Breakwater stability with damaged single layer armour units
2007-nov Sierd de Vries On the generation of surfable ship waves in a circular pool: Part II
2007-nov Jaap Wierenga Density currents and bathymetry down-drift a new discharge sluice in the Afsluitdijk
2007-jun Arjan Frens The impact of placement method on Antifer block stability
2007-jun Marieke Lely Hydraulic roughness in sediment-laden flow
2007-jun Michiel Mertens Stability of rock on slopes under wave attack
2007-jun N Nik Mohd Kamel Experimental study on Xbloc placements for curved breakwaters
2007-jun Wouter Ockeloen Open filters in breakwaters with a sand core
2007-jun Hugo Swane Tidal power plant in Saemangeum, South Korea
2007-feb Jerome van Harn Feasibility study on tidal power barrages
2007-feb Ties van der Hoeven Sediment demand of the Oosterschelde
2007-feb Michiel Huijsmans Influence of flow acceleration on the stability of stones
2007-feb Willem Frederik Louwersheimer Scour around an offshore wind turbine
2007-jan Vu Minh Anh Reduction of overtopping by Vetiver grass
2006-dec Le Hai Trung Interacting artifical surf reefs
2006-dec Nguyen Ba Tuyen Flow over oblique weirs
2006-oct Erik van Blaaderen Modelling bowthruster induced flow near a quay-wall
2006-oct Carline Bos Wave characteristics derived from video
2006-oct Niek Oortman Influence of foreshore steepness on wave velocity and acceleration at the breakwater interface
2006-oct Rutger Over Surfability of an ASR in irregular waves
2006-oct Ronnie Poot Longshore sediment transport at Maasvlakte 2
2006-oct Ben de Sonneville Morphodynamic modelling of a schematic barrier island
2006-jun Auke Algera Run-up reduction through Vetiver grass
2006-jun Jeroen van den Bos Design of granular near-bed structures in waves and currents
2006-jun Ronald Brouwer Equilibrium and stability of a double inlet system
2006-jun Florenz Hollebrandse Temporal development of the tidal range in the North Sea
2006-jun Dirk Jan Jaspers Focks Vetiver grass as bank protection along waterways
2006-jun Maarten Kluijver Smart nourishment of the Frisian Inlet, Wadden Sea
2006-jun Joost van der Lans Siltation of approach channel and harbour basin, Kyung-In, South Korea
2006-jun Robert Lausman Uncertainty in the application of bay shape equations
2006-jun Mattijs Slee Sediment budget of dump location "Loswal Noord"
2006-jun Evert Uelman Geometrically open filters in breakwaters
2006-feb Wilbert van de Bos Erosion resistance of grass top layer against wave overtopping
2006-feb Willem Hartog Nourishment behaviour Delray beach
2006-feb Laurens Koster Humplike nourishing of the shoreface
2006-feb Erik ten Oever Placement of Xbloc elements
2006-feb Luutze Perk Hydrodynamics and morphology Itapocu inlet
2005-oct Bastiaan Burger Wave attenuation in mangrove forests
2005-oct Merijn van Dijk Dubai coastline evolution
2005-oct Erik van Ettinger Integral surf reef design
2005-oct Colin van Kuijk Geotextile clay bags against salt water intrusion
2005-oct Irene Maaskant Salt water resistance of Vertiver grass
2005-oct Martijn Meijer Wave damping on salt marshes
2005-oct Brendan Nielsen Bowthruster induced currents
2005-oct Reinoud van Oosten Neural network application to wave transmission
2005-oct Tim Raaijmakers Geotechnical and morphological design criteria for trenches
2005-oct Daan van Rooijen Northern defense of Maasvlakte 2
2005-oct Ima Schoonbeek Pipeline burial depth in arctic conditions
2005-oct Pieter Koen Tonnon Morphological evolution articial sand ridge
2005-oct Koen Versmissen Sampling sediment overflow on THSD's
2005-jun Marco Eversdijk Perched beach with submerged breakwater for Maasvlakte 2
2005-jun Ester Groenendaal Westernscheldt: sediment import or export?
2005-jun Kees den Heijer Effect of wave period on dune erosion
2005-jun Martijn Hovestad Breakwaters on steep foreshores
2005-jun Michiel Muilwijk Surfing on Maasvlakte 2
2005-jun Jan Joost Schouten Large-scale land reclamation near Maasvlakte 2
2005-jun Stijn Welage Coastal evolution Guyana
2005-feb Stefan van de Berg Single layer armour layer with granular joint filling
2005-feb Thijs van der Laan Bowthruster induced flow
2005-feb Moritz Muller Behaviour oriented modelling Norderneyer Seegat
2005-feb Wouter Saers Dynamically stable rubble mound protection of pipelines
2005-feb Jan Wagner Life cycle costs renovation IJmuiden breakwaters
2004-oct Michiel Dessens Impact steady accelerated flow on sediment threshold motion
2004-oct Wesley de Jong Single armour layer stability
2004-oct Willem-Jan de Vos Mangrove impact on wave propagation
2004-oct Jordina Boada Plana Cross-shore evolution Rhone Delta
2004-oct Oriol Serra Riba Longshore evolution Rhone Delta
2004-oct Emanuele Terrile Impact unsteady accelerated flow on sediment threshold motion
2004-jun Mart Jan Bodegom Evaluation of nourishment design methods
2004-jun Jennie Cui Wave overtopping on an X-block breakwater
2004-jun Kim Cuypers Breakwater stability under tsunami attack
2004-jun Klaas Kerssemakers Sampling of dredge overflow
2004-jun Pol van de Rest Hydrodynamics and morphodynamics of Holland coast
2004-jun Maarten Tromp Influence of flow acceleration on sediment motion threshold
2004-jun Marit Ubbink Morphological evolution Western Waddensea after intervention
2004-feb Peter van der Aa Density packing of sand under water
2004-feb Martijn Durieux Slufter morphodynamics
2004-feb Evert Eijnthoven Correlation between shearstress and mud parameters
2004-feb Don Ginsel Financing of CZM projects
2004-feb Wesley de Jong Rubble mound layer thickness
2004-feb Arjan Klein Morphodynamics of trenches and sand pits
2004-feb Robert-Jan Nortier Morphodynamics of the Lister Tief tidal basin
2004-feb Maarten Strikwerda Morphology and management of Cochin estuary
2004-feb Tjaard Vermeulen Estuarine fine sediment dynamics
2003-oct Anna Cohen Argus Video detection of hydrodynamics
2003-oct Judit Heerdink Shoreline response to offshore breakwaters
2003-oct Martijn de Jong Bowthruster induced turbulent flows
2003-oct Linda Kusters Current attenuation by salt marsh vegetation
2003-oct Danny Mus Dune stability of North Holland coast at Texel Inlet
2003-oct Joe Nai Hydraulic boundary conditions Shanghai barrier
2003-oct Paul Olijslagers Pocket perched beaches
2003-jun Luc Bijsterbosch Vulnerability of tidal basins to SLR
2003-jun Chris Borsje Multiple tidal inlet systems
2003-jun Klaas Jaap (J.N.) Buijs Perched beach performance
2003-jun Matthijs Burger Evaluation shoreface nourishments
2003-jun Simon Burgmans Rainbowen
2003-jun Udo Perdijk Application of timber groynes in coastal engineering
2003-feb Michiel van Baak Morphology at Petten seadike
2003-feb Rutger Jan van Broekhoven Sorting in the surf zone
2003-feb Martijn Coeveld Secondary flow in estuaries
2003-feb Jan Willem Markvoort Jet-induced erosion
2003-feb Mattijs Meijs Grays harbor morphodynamics
2003-feb Jasper Tamboezer Morphology of estuarine navigation channel
2003-feb Peter van Thienen Coastal profile stability
2003-feb Rob Visser Groins modelled with Delft-3D
2003-feb Bas Wijdeven Coastal erosion Vietnam
2002-oct Leontien Barends ICZM Abruzzo coast, Italy
2002-oct Paul de Groot Sorting in the swash zone
2002-oct Dennis Hordijk Geulwand suppletie Oostgat, Westerschelde
2002-oct Farsi Khudabux Bend protection Commewijne river (Surinam)
2002-oct Andries Nederpel Overtopping related breakwater stability
2002-oct Leann Nipius Video detection of waterlines
2002-oct Jeroen Scholten Design of sand bypass systems
2002-oct Nienke Wiersma Coast 3D analysis
2002-oct Roel van de Wijer Hard structures in a soft defence
2002-jun Cor Bisschop Coast protection by surfing reefs
2002-jun Michiel Dijk Comparison Durosta and Unibest-TC
2002-jun Rainier Duijts Tidal asymmetry and equilibrium inlet morphology
2002-jun Michelle van Duin Coast3D morphologic analysis Egmond
2002-jun Paul Manuels Long-term profile behaviour Holland coast
2002-jun Martijn van Rijsewijk Suspended sediment concentrations in the Frisian Inlet Gorge
2002-jun Lourens Schokking Bow-thruster induced erosion
2002-jun Gerben Spaargaren Designing Meeuse river by-pass
2002-jun Marloes Timmermans Harbour sedimentation India
2002-jun Andrew West Wave breaking on surfing reefs (University of Sydney)
2002-feb Thomas Dronkers Coast protection by surfing reefs (Univ of New South Wales)
2002-feb Joris Jorissen Groins modelled with Delft-3D
2001 Nicole Kragtwijk Aggregated inlet modelling
2001 Elmar Torenga Channel-flat morphodynamics
2001 Marieke van Nood Estuarine morphodynamics
2001 Gert Jan Nederbragt Diatoms and suspended sediment
2001 Maarten van Ormondt Teignmouth estuary modelling
2001 Hokkie Blogg Teignmouth estuarine morphodynamics
2001 Michiel van Goor Probabilistic aspects of aggregated inlet modelling
2001 Odelinde Nieuwenhuis Sediment segregation in the Waddenzee
2000 Kees Kleinhout Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics in the Egmond field site
2000 Jurriaan de Jong Estuarine dynamics
2000 Peter Schoeman Transport asymmetry in estuaries
2000 Mark Caljouw Video-observation of intra-tidal beach morphology
2000 Willem Kuiper Sediment dynamics shoreface Ebro delta
2000 Gijs Gootjes Dunes as source of sediment for Delft3D-MOR
1999 Mark Klein Hydro- and morphodynamics of large-scale sand extraction
1999 Anneke Hibma Coastal inlet dynamics
1999 Edwin Elias Surfzone dynamics
1998 Martijn Jansen Saltspray generation, transport and deposition
1998 Birgit Cloin Graded sediment transport dynamics
1997 Maarten Buijsman Behaviour-oriented modelling of tidal inlets
1997 Gijsbert van Holland Process-based modelling of Haringvliet estuary
1997 Karoun Nipius Cross-shore transport in Delft3D-MOR
1997 Jan Kees van Noort Video-imaging and modelling rip-currents
1997 Aline Arends Behaviour-oriented modelling of the Haringvliet estuary
1997 Pieter Janssen Video-imaging of shoreline dynamics
1996 Mischa Levitt Pipeline stone cover dynamics
1995 Stefan Aarninkhof Video-imaging of surfzone dynamics